Tired of spending money on social media marketing, only to waste time and money? We've created proven ways to obtain leads and brand recognition through Social Paid Media Campaigns.

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Starting at $199

Have more control on how much you spend. If you decide to increase your daily or monthly budget for social media campaigns, our management fee won't increase on this plan!

We'll design, launch, and optimize up to 2 Ad Campaigns/3 Boosted Posts per month, for only $199! ($100 minimum monthly ad budget, $499 maximum) 


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No More DIY Courses. No More Confusion!

There's no need to learn everything on your own! We'll design beautiful, eye-catching social media ads for your business or nonprofit, including content, images and video.

We'll create the content and ad copy to match your website or landing pages. We also provide A/B testing and audience creation services.

Straightforward Billing

Our management fee is an upfront charge for us to get started. The Ad Budget is paid separately (by you or your employer) on the Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn advertising dashboards.

You decide on an Ad Budget that works for you, with a minimum of $100 within a 30-day period.

Trusted By Businesses Across America

From solopreneurs to large corporations, we've made it our priority to provide excellent customer service. While this plan a new special offer, we've worked with hundreds of clients across America plus worldwide Account Executives, to share our knowledge of growing a business on social media.

With us, you're not simply a client, you're part of our family.

Paid Media Explained

Paid Media is any content on a social media platform that has been paid for to promote and increase visibility. It consists of ad campaigns and boosted posts that are shown to an audience you select. You either pay per result or per set of impressions.

This is different from organic social media, which involves creating & publishing social posts and growing a following.

Instead of spending countless dollars and hours learning how to run successful & cost-efficient paid media campaigns, we'll take care of it for you! Need organic social media help? Contact us for a quote today.

What Clients Say

"[One House Digital] keeps up on trends in marketing and communications, pays attention to the details, and are willing to do what it takes to ensure our goals are achieved. They provide strategic plans, online ad placement across all channels, recommendations for audience targeting, metric reports, and creative ideas and graphics. They are a true asset to our marketing team."

- Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley (Arizona, USA)

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