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Hybrid Work Environment = More Online Security Risks | Tips For A Safer Internet

At One House Digital, we take online security very seriously. Unfortunately, hybrid and online work environments attract more and more hackers and spammers every day. Now more than ever, your information (and that of customers) are vulnerable to cyber attacks. So, how can you stay proactive with your online security and what warning signs should you be aware of?

Protecting Social Media Accounts

If you regularly update your password and securely store login information, it'll be more difficult for criminals to hack into your social accounts. Remember the 30-day rule: update passwords every 30 days and make your passwords easy enough for you to remember yet long enough to be tricky for hackers.

To reduce or eliminate spam accounts blowing up your direct messages or "DMs", consider making your social media profile private.

Beware of Emails Containing Malware

Let's take a look at this example of malware disguised as a Windows update.

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This Emotet Malware campaign has sent emails claiming to be a ‘Windows Update’, telling users to upgrade their copy of Microsoft Word.

Trust your gut. Your first instinct is typically correct. If an email or text message looks suspicious, it most likely is. Spammers "try to be as convincing as possible to trick users to click and infect their computers" according to

Here's another startling fact courtesy of Compushooter, "When the COVID-19 pandemic [began, cyber criminals] exploited people’s fears by sending tons of emails loaded with malware pretending to offer information on how to get protected from the COVID-19 infection."

Even if you open an email that seems suspicious, do not click the links on the email. Let's say that you are a Windows customer, we recommend to do an online search of recent spam & malware attacks associated with Windows, contact your IT or cyber security provider, or call Microsoft's main customer service line to verify the information. Do not trust any phone numbers provided on questionable emails.


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Author: Jan C. Smith

*Photo provided by No direct affiliation with Compushooter LLC nor Microsoft.

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Top CEOs & Athletes Do THIS

Did you know that LeBron James meditates in between high pressure moments in championship games? Did you know that Bill George (former CEO and current Harvard University Professor) practices mindfulness to improve relationships with people & himself?

Mindfulness and meditation have been important practices in Eastern cultures for centuries, yet in our fast-paced American society, we often don’t allow ourselves the “me time” that we need for optimum mental health.

During a stressful time, have you ever noticed that when you walk away from the situation, clear your head, and come back to the stressor, you’ve handled the situation better than you thought you would? The same concept applies to meditating and being aware of triggers in helping you better tackle tough moments.

How Do I Start Meditating?

We recommend meditating in the morning, giving yourself 10-15 extra minutes in your daily routine. All you need is a quiet place, a timer with the alarm turned on, and an intention for the meditation. Examples of intentions are: being less stressed at work, reaching your sales quota, and having more self-confidence for reaching success.

Before meditating, it’s important to remember a few things.

  • Your place of meditation is a judgement-free zone.
  • Relax your body & mind and focus on your breathing, taking deep breaths to achieve calm.
  • Try to be thought-free while meditating. You will inevitably have thoughts as all humans do, so when thoughts do come to mind, say to yourself “thought…thought…” and return to focusing on soothing music or your breathing.

What Meditation Apps Are Out There?

For iPhone users, there’s the Calm app. While the free version is limited, there are plenty of voice-guided meditation recordings that are about 15 minutes long. These features are great for beginners as a guide can help to calm the mind, which is often the hardest part of meditating.

The app also touches on the practice of being fully present in the moment. It’s human nature to worry and think about the past or future, even while someone is talking to us. You may be surprised how this practice can improve your professional relationships and customer satisfaction.

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Author: Jan C. Smith

*No direct affiliation with Apple nor Calm.

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Apple’s iOS 14.5 Update Predicted to Impact Social Media Ad Campaigns. What To Expect.

According to, "Apple’s confirmed an iOS 14.4 (now 14.5) update and the software is currently in beta testing ahead of an official release for iPhone".

News of the update has been putting Facebook (owner of Instagram) and its advertisers on alert, amid the forthcoming end of IDFA (IDentifier For Advertising) for iPhone users. Basically, iPhone will show a pop-up, giving the user a choice to opt-out of apps tracking their clicks and whereabouts.

With Facebook's very public scrutiny of their privacy practices, it's doubtful that many iPhone users will select to allow apps to track their activity.

The Predicted Impact on Facebook & Instagram Ads

This update will most likely reduce the number of clicks and interactions from iPhone users, who make up the majority of people who interact on most Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. This also means that lookalike audiences and retargeting won't include iPhone users, therefore reducing their effectiveness.*

Through our analysis of social media ad campaigns over the years, while iPhone users make up the majority of people interacting with ads, Android smartphone users often come at a close second. Another silver lining is the iOS update is for iPhones, not desktop computers. According to our analysis, Facebook users on desktop computers still make up a substantial number of people who interact with ads.

Is It The Facebook Ad APOCALYPSE? What Should We Do?

We won't know the exact effects of the iOS update until about 30 days after the update is released. While more aggressive forms of advertising may be less effective, businesses and advertisers will ultimately need to adjust their strategies to target iPhone users.

Brand Awareness Campaigns will have to be the adopted strategy in reaching iPhone users. More eye-catching and video-based ads (think major travel and apparel companies) will most likely replace ads that move people down the sales funnel more directly. Businesses, board members, and marketers will have to base campaign performance on views, comments and shares, versus actions tracked on a landing page.*

We recommend to talk to your marketing manager about this software update and make a plan to adjust your advertising methods.


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Read more about the update.


Author: Jan C. Smith

*No direct affiliation with Apple nor Facebook.

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LIFE HACK: How to Easily and Securely Store Passwords

Forgetting passwords can be frustrating and can bring your business to a halt. The same can be said for getting hacked. Here's a user-friendly and affordable way to handle both.

Passpack's online platform allows you to store private data (passwords, email addresses, credit card info) for free. Your data is not only encrypted, but 3 layers of security are in place to help protect your information and keep away bots.

Passpack is a great solution for companies who require access to client accounts and payment information, or people who are serious online shoppers. Save all login credentials in one place while only needing to remember one password and a security phrase of your choosing!

Pros: The software company offers free accounts for storing up to 100 entries. For unlimited password storage, their basic plan costs only $18/year.  Passpack also allows you to safely share login credentials to a person without an account. The person must entire a PIN you create in order to access the information.

Have more security when storing and retrieving login credentials: Once you type in a password on an entry, or open an entry to copy a password, you have the option to close the password field, which encrypts the field immediately. The encryption converts the password into a code, preventing unauthorized access.

Cons: After a brief period of inactivity on the Passpack website, your password list is locked which prompts you to re-enter your packing key to access your list again. Obviously this feature is a security measure, however it is a slight annoyance when you need to retrieve a password quickly.

There also can be roadblocks when attempting to log into Passpack on a smartphone. We recommend to setup a PIN to remedy this issue.

How To Sign Up For Passpack:

Get started for free or find a plan that suits your needs.


"Privacy – like eating and breathing – is one of life’s basic requirements."

- Katherine Neville


Author: Jan C. Smith

*No direct affiliation with Passpack.

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Honoring Black History Through Architecture

Creating advertisements inside LAM (Landscape Architecture Magazine), has sparked our admiration of the impactful world of this industry. In LAM's August 2020 issue, titled “A Plague x Two”, we learned about M. Austin Allen III, a decorated black designer whose projects included Hayden Plaza in New Orleans.

M. Austin Allen III has been instrumental on recovery projects (post-Katrina) in New Orleans, a city with historic beauty that is heavily and unapologetically influenced by black culture. Sites such as The Hayden Plaza, which celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King, are essential to American society and history. These sites appropriately remind us to never forget the struggles and triumphs of racial injustice, past and present.

Also mentioned in the magazine is Architect June Grant, head of the studio blinkLAB. Grant has positioned her studio to cater to the landscape needs of communities, and has answered the consistently asked request to help revive African American cultural spaces which have been gentrified.

Although Grant is concerned about the continued economic impact on black communities during this time, there is a silver lining with regard to improving public spaces for these communities. She mentions that due to the effects of the pandemic and the matter of police violence (and cohesion of the two issues), foundations are more open to listening and providing increased funding for black communities who have been asking for assistance, many years prior.


"The profession of Landscape Architecture has also decided what culture is the important culture."

- Diane Jones Allen, FASLA, LAM August 2020


Author: Jan C. Smith

*No direct affiliation with LAM, ASLA or FASLA.

Info provided by LAM's August 2020 issue.