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LIFE HACK: How to Easily and Securely Store Passwords

Forgetting passwords can be frustrating and can bring your business to a halt. The same can be said for getting hacked. Here's a user-friendly and affordable way to handle both.

Passpack's online platform allows you to store private data (passwords, email addresses, credit card info) for free. Your data is not only encrypted, but 3 layers of security are in place to help protect your information and keep away bots.

Passpack is a great solution for companies who require access to client accounts and payment information, or people who are serious online shoppers. Save all login credentials in one place while only needing to remember one password and a security phrase of your choosing!

Pros: The software company offers free accounts for storing up to 100 entries. For unlimited password storage, their basic plan costs only $18/year.  Passpack also allows you to safely share login credentials to a person without an account. The person must entire a PIN you create in order to access the information.

Have more security when storing and retrieving login credentials: Once you type in a password on an entry, or open an entry to copy a password, you have the option to close the password field, which encrypts the field immediately. The encryption converts the password into a code, preventing unauthorized access.

Cons: After a brief period of inactivity on the Passpack website, your password list is locked which prompts you to re-enter your packing key to access your list again. Obviously this feature is a security measure, however it is a slight annoyance when you need to retrieve a password quickly.

There also can be roadblocks when attempting to log into Passpack on a smartphone. We recommend to setup a PIN to remedy this issue.

How To Sign Up For Passpack:

Get started for free or find a plan that suits your needs. https://www.passpack.com/plans/


"Privacy – like eating and breathing – is one of life’s basic requirements."

- Katherine Neville


Author: Jan C. Smith

*No direct affiliation with Passpack.